50 States, 52 Weeks: Chasing Dreams and Being OK with the Unknown

January 7, 2018

By Ace Kjar, a 14-year-old who is spending 52 weeks exploring all 50 states (50by52) with his family.

My family and I have been on the road for seven months. We decided to take a year off, sold our house and everything in it, then hit the road on our journey to explore through all fifty states in one year. I’m a regular kind of guy from Utah, who loves comics, television, food, and a bunch of other stuff I’m not going to get into in this post.

Trying to transition from living a simple, regular life to living a crazy, unpredictable life where I have to empty my sewer, fill the water tank myself, and stress about the uncertainty of where I’ll live tomorrow. Yeah. It’s pretty tough. (Ok, my parents help sometimes). But it can also be great! Like the time that we went to the “Hall of Heroes” and I held the actual Captain America shield from the movies.

Or when I went white water rafting and had a huge lunch of pasta, rolls, salad, and more! Just like at home, life’s gonna suck sometimes, but I promise that everything’s gonna happen for a reason.

When you have a dream that is suddenly crushed by a tree or spontaneously combusts, maybe it will lead to finding something better or meeting a person that leads to something great. We’ve met lots of people on the trip so far, nearly all of which have taught me something that makes me who I am. The weightlifting family in Idaho taught me how to work hard at achieving what I want. The family in Ohio taught me that everyone deserves a home, and to be loved. The family from Nebraska, who purposefully moved into a dangerous area, and are working to make it safer, taught me how to make the world a better place.

And what I’ve learned from everyone is that being different is good.

If you have a dream about something or are feeling like there’s something you need to do, go for it. Either way, something will come out of it in the end. As long as you’re trying to learn and achieve your goals, you’ll achieve it if you really want it.

About the Author

I am Ace Kjar a 14-year-old super genius with really good looks, lots of muscles, and an enthusiasm for comics and sandwiches. This is definitely not an exaggeration that I wrote about myself. I also enjoy Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Halo, playing the Wii U, and spending time outside. I am slightly paranoid about nearly everything, and spend time jogging and reading. I am definitely not secretly using an alien helmet to save the universe. For more info on our adventures, go to 50by52.com or search 50by52 on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

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