Below the Surface of the Galapagos Islands

July 17, 2017

By Eryn on Earth, a Native of Hong Kong Who Is Currently Traveling the World. Fifty-Five Countries and Counting.


 |  Despite how much I love going snorkeling, I always dread getting into the Galapagos ocean. If it weren’t for the interference of an icy Peruvian current, the water would be much warmer than it actually is. Sitting above water in our this wetsuits, it’s hard to believe that we will soon jump into the home of almost 450 fish species. But once the cold water engulfed us, we immediately saw the flourishing aquatic life of the Galapagos. Colorful parrotfish surrounded us, decorating the shallows. Yellow-tailed surgeonfish swam in schools, each hungrily nibbling on algae. Sparkling black striped salema swam in even larger schools, moving in perfect synchronization. But the bump head triggerfish was the most impressive. Swimming in a pair, they displayed such incredible blue colors. Much larger than my face, they were a little intimidating too!

Sting rays are quite graceful creatures, following each other when in schools. But sometimes their playful nature can take over, and they decide to pick up speed and chase each other!

But green sea turtles are more of the peaceful ones of the ocean. They don’t go very fast. They spend most of their time eating and seem to always be hungry.

Sharks can also be spotted resting in the sand. If they are going nowhere, in particular, they are quite calm paced. But if they’re in a hurry, they’ll zoom past you without you even noticing.

Sometimes, on the luckier days, we would even be accompanied by sea lions. With their huge black pearly eyes, they would gaze at you with such curiosity. Blowing bubbles in your face and twirling in the water with elegance, they were so playful towards humans. After a long swim, we do come out shivering. But the underwater world dazzled us. It was definitely worth all the cold.

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Having been born and raised in Hong Kong, Eryn has lived in the city for her entire life and has made so many friends she could never forget. Her dad is from Taiwan while her mom is from Thailand, so she speaks English, Chinese and Thai, and is now learning Spanish. Eryn graduated from primary school at 11 years old, but she never the next stage of her education to be spent so differently! Eryn and her parents left the busy city of Hong Kong and embarked on a journey around the world to explore the beautiful places it has to offer. A year later, Eryn and her parents continue to travel the world while she attends online school. At twelve years old, Eryn has already visited more than 55 countries. She also loves to write, take photos and pursue these passions by keeping her memories alive in her blog, Eryn On Earth.

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