A Teen’s Activity Guide to San Sebastian

May 3, 2017

By Global Gaby
Teen Travel Writer and Blogger

|  San Sebastián, Spain has become one of my favorite places in the world because of its teen-friendly atmosphere and easy-going lifestyle. After going on my second trip to San Sebastián with SPI Study Abroad, I’ve had the chance to discover my favorite things to do and see. With this list of activities, I promise you will not spend one second bored in this city!

1. Surf at Playa Zurriola

Playa Zurriola is the most active beach in San Sebastián. If you’re into frisbee, beach volleyball, and surfing, this is the perfect place for you. With surfing being the main attraction, there are many places to either take a surfing class or just rent a board.

2. Buy a Penny Board

In San Sebastián, you can find both official Penny Boards (about 50 Euros) and knockoffs (around 20 Euros). Whether you buy the real deal or an off-brand, they are fun to ride, easy to carry, and all the local teens ride them!  If you’re looking to buy an official Penny Board, take a stroll down Playa Zurriola, but if you’re looking for the cheaper option, buy one at a souvenir shop in Parte Vieja.

3. Take a Cooking Class

San Sebastián is known for its delicious food, so why wouldn’t you want to learn from the locals themselves? My study abroad group took a cooking class at Restaurante Ziaboga and it was awesome! The entire lesson was in Spanish and after we finished preparing the meal, we ate it together! If you’re interested, just make sure you plan ahead by calling the restaurant.

4. Hike to Monte Urgull and Monte Igueldo

Both Monte Urgull and Monte Igueldo have must-see views of San Sebastián’s coastlines, but there are some differences between the two mountains. While you can actually hike up Monte Urgull, you have to take a cable car to reach the top of Monte Igueldo (Click here to learn more about Monte Igueldo and how to get there). On Monte Urgull, there is a famous sculpture of Jesus Christ and a museum you can enter for free! On Monte Igueldo, there is a theme park with many rides and games, as well as a restaurant looking over the beautiful city.

5. Eat Churros

This is a requirement. Churros are one of Spain’s most famous desserts and they taste even better at Chocolateria Santa Lucia, in the middle of Parte Vieja. Grab some friends and share a plate of churros con chocolate!

6. Spend a day at Playa de la Concha


Unlike Playa Zurriola, this beach has very small waves, making the area calmer and the water easier to swim in. When you’re craving a day to relax, come to Playa de La Concha. You can also take a nice swim to one of the docs and ride down the water slides!

7. Go “Dulce hopping”

Just like people go bar hopping, you can go “dulce hopping” too! There are many sweet and pastry shops throughout San Sebastián, so why not try them all! It’s as easy as walking around the city, going into dessert places, buying something small, and then moving onto the next one. It’s super fun and it opens up opportunities to meet locals and see the city in a different way.

8. Pig out at Gelateria Boulevard

There are around 30 flavors at Gelateria Boulevard and this year I promised myself to try every single one. And yes, I did it. After achieving such a big goal I discovered my favorite flavors to be Pistachio, Avellana (Hazelnut), and Kinder Bueno (a famous candy bar in Europe.) If you’re spending two weeks or more in San Sebastián, you should definitely try to achieve the same goal because you’re never going to taste ice cream like this back in America. Plus, you will be walking a lot so you deserve the treat!

9. Eat Fresh Fruit on the Beach

In San Sebastián, you definitely have easy access to fruit! I would say from wherever you are standing, there is a local fruit shop within a five-minute walking distance max. And at these fruit shops, you can buy both pineapple and watermelon halves, and they even have plastic silverware. It’s almost like the frutería is telling you to eat them on the beach!

10. Have a Nighttime Jam Sesh at the Beach

Almost every night in San Sebastián my friends and I would hit up Playa Zurriola to sit and talk in the sand or walk along the shoreline. We always had that one friend who brought his speaker system, making the nights even more fun! (Don’t forget to bring a light jacket and beach towel to sit on.)

11. Go to the Sunday Market

Right behind La Plaza de la Bretxa, there is a local market every Sunday. This big event is full of local vendors selling food, ceramics, jewelry, leather crafts, and more. This is the best way to spend your Sunday morning and you will be living like a true Spanish local!

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