Good Morning, Vietnam! Introducing Our First Travel Vloggers: HTYolo and Pawprint.

August 3, 2017

It’s a blog, it’s a video, it’s a vlog! Today’s post is something new: two travel vloggers reporting from Vietnam. Henrik and Anouk Thomas have traveled extensively with their parents since they were eight and six years old, respectively. Here are a few fun things they did while visiting Vietnam and what they learned while exploring this exotically beautiful country. Hikes through brilliantly green rice paddies, bat-filled caves, underground tunnels, exotic markets, squid fishing and more. Check it out! (Editor’s note: please note that travel is an immersive experience, which includes trying new things, even when outside our cultural norms.)



About the Vloggers

Henrik John Thomas, aka HTYolo

Born in 2006 in the Netherlands, his mum is German and his Dad British (half Scottish/half English). He is raised trilingual (German/Dutch and English). He loves baseball, and is a big Cubs fan, even before they were good! He also enjoys acting, including Pantomime, laser games, and iPad games such as Minecraft or Terraria.  He went on his first big trip when he was eight years old when his parents took him on a road trip to the United States for almost six weeks. In December 2016, he left international school for eight months to travel in Asia with his family. So far, he has explored Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and South Korea. Next up is Indonesia.

What he likes about traveling:

– delicious food and exotic desserts (in Cambodia he and his sister had tarantula, silk worms, water bugs, ants, snake, crickets…and ate it all!)

– learning about different cultures and religions

– fascinating architecture and ornaments/jewelry from far away lands

– learning about other children and their daily lives

Anouk Sophie Thomas, aka Pawprint

Born in 2008 in the Netherlands, and also raised trilingually like her brother, Anouk started going on longer trips when she was 6 years old. She loves horse riding, acting (and has performed Pantomime on stage since she was 4 years old), and arts & crafts. She has been traveling in Asia with her family, including her brother (see above for countries visited) since December.

 Why she likes traveling:

“Travelling is a chance to explore and find out about other people’s lives. You have lots of different kinds of amazing food and get to meet new people. It is a chance of a lifetime.”

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